A local bakery in the heart of Hickory, North Carolina

This cake was one of our favorite kid cakes we’ve created. There’s one very happy two year old out there, let’s just hope she’s not scared of it! 
Everyone wishes they had minion friends. I mean, come on, they’re adorable! We created these minion cupcake toppers out of fondant for a special birthday occasion. 
One of our front counter employees named Ari decided to join the rest of the baking team in the kitchen one day. She has been working in the kitchen for six months now but has had no prior training, schooling, anything. This was her first fish she ever made out of fondant, first! It took her max twenty minutes and this masterpiece was created. I call her our little Pablo Picasso that we didn’t even know we had. Isn’t she amazing?
Baby shower cupcakes! The cutest cupcakes to come out of our kitchen.

This was a wedding cake we did on Saturday the 17th of August. We loved decorating this cake because they offered us real flowers to work with. Isn’t it gorgeous? Our baker, Ali, said if she wasn’t a baker, she’d be a florist. Such a talented woman. 

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